Since its introduction in February of 1979 by the Board of Directors of the Texas Simmental/Simbrah Association, the TSSA Approved Sale Program has grown to the point where very few Simmental or Simbrah sales are held in Texas that are not TSSA Approved.

This program, designed to benefit the breeders who are holding a production or consignment sale, is but another of the many services the TSSA offers its members. The objective of the program is to assure buyer confidence at those participating sales.

The goals are accomplished through the TSSA staff and directors working with the seller(s) in the areas of sale cattle selection and conditioning, and primarily, the actual inspection of all sale cattle for the proper permanent identification, whether it be a tattoo or brand.

The registration certificates are then inspected to check that they are in order and that the identification number on the papers matches that of the animals. Any discrepancies can then be resolved prior to the sale, eliminating any future problems. In the case where an animal has not yet received a registration paper, a copy of the Herd Handler form is inspected and matched to that animal to verify that the animal’s registration papers have been applied for. The TSSA Approved Sale Program assures the purchaser that all cattle are properly identified with a permanent identification number, and these numbers match the registration papers on the animals being sold. The TSSA makes no further warranties or representations, either expressed or implied, concerning the sale of the cattle being sold.

Before a sale can be designated as TSSA Approved, the seller (in the case of a production sale), or the authorized representative (in the case of the consignment sale), must sign a contract agreeing they will follow the rules of the TSSA Approved Sale Program. Once this is done, the seller has the privilege of using the TSSA Approved Sale logo on all advertisements leading up to the sale.

The program, which is conducted in accordance with the Suggested Sale Terms and Conditions as set by the American Simmental Association, proves to be beneficial to both the buyer and seller. From the buyer’s standpoint, he can know that all paperwork has been checked and that the registration papers match the animals being sold. Therefore, he can buy with confidence at a TSSA Approved Sale. From a seller’s standpoint, to ensure repeat business, the last thing he needs is problems with the paperwork. The TSSA Approved Sale Program eliminates that possibility and consequently aids in buyer/seller relationships. In a consignment sale, the program is especially beneficial because, in most instances, there are several consignors and each consignor handles his paperwork with a different degree of efficiency.

The TSSA staff and directors are also available to consult with the seller in the areas of advertisement for the sale, catalog preparation, trucking arrangements following the sale and the proper handling of paperwork and subsequent transfer of registration certificates to the new owners. The TSSA furnishes sale lot tags, mailing lists (with buyers from previous TSSA Approved Sales) for sale catalogs or flyers mail-outs, the necessary forms to clerk the sale, stall cards, ticket writer and runs full page advertisement on the sale in the monthly TSSA News newsletter as part of the service to the seller. The Newsletter is mailed out to approximately 500 Simmental and Simbrah enthusiasts throughout Texas. The TSSA also runs an ad in The Register twice each year, as well as other publications promoting approved sales and listing the approved sales for a six month period. All of these additional services aid the buyer and the seller as they take care of the small details in putting on a sale and they help produce a smoother, more efficiently organized sale.

Since its inception in early 1979, the program has proven to be a tremendous success with every major breeder and all the area association consignment sales participating. For these services the TSSA charges 1.25% of the gross sale receipts. The charges pay for the TSSA staff expenses while at the sale, with other revenue going into the TSSA account, which is used to promote and advertise Simmental and Simbrah. So, even the charges for services of the TSSA Approved Sale Program are ultimately beneficial to both buyer and seller in other areas of their Simmental and Simbrah business.